Break the Form, Lose the Donkey

From the Teachings of Mawlana Shaykh Kabbani
Sufi Meditation Center, Vancouver, BC

Bismillahi Rahmaani Raheem. Alhamdulillah sharing from Mawlana Shaykh’s teachings that; Allah (SWT) is describing, “I am not in the Heavens and I am not on this Earth, but I am in the heart of My believer, qalbun mum’in baytullah.” From Mawlana Shaykhs teachings, an important reality begins to open; whether it is the practise of going for Hajj and circumbulating the Ka’aba, or the praying, or the whirling and other expressions of our love through different practises; there is a reminder for myself that the Prophet (s) is teaching us from that holy hadith that Allah opens a nearness to Himself when the servant approaches through voluntary worship; then Allah (SWT) begins to love that servant, through his voluntary prayers. And the Prophet (s) describes that if Allah (SWT) dresses that servant with His love; their hearing will be from a Divine Hearing, from Allah’s Hearing; their seeing will be from Divine Seeing and their breathing will be from the Divine Breath. And also their speech will be from the Divine and Heavenly Words; their hands and their movement and every action will be dressed from the Divine Oceans. Baca lebih lanjut