Death is Beautiful

“He Who has created death and life, so that He may put you to a test to show who of you is best in conduct. He alone is Almighty, Much-Forgiving. ” (Al-Mulk 67:2)

Death is not the end of a life or the removal of life from living things or beings. Rather, it is something that is created, like life. God creates death in a living thing or being and so that thing or being dies. Since God’s creation is at all times beautiful, death is also beautiful.
This is because all human beings have an intrinsic feeling of eternity, and so feel imprisoned in the narrow confines of the material world as they yearn for eternity. This natural inclination towards eternal happiness comes from an objective reality: the existence of eternal life and our desire for it. Death is the door that opens onto eternity.
Although death seems to bring decomposition, extinguish life, and destroy pleasure, in fact, it represents a Divine discharge from the heavy duties of worldly life. It is no more than a change of residence, transference of the body, and an invitation to and the beginning of everlasting life.
It releases us from the hardships of this worldly life, which is turbulent, suffocating, narrow dungeon that gradually becomes harder with old age and illness, and admits us to the infinitely wide circle of the mercy of Eternal, Beloved One. There we may enjoy the everlasting company of our beloved ones and the consolation of a happy, eternal life.
The world is continually enlivened through acts of creation and death. Death leads to a more perfect life. The dying of plants, the simplest level of life, proves itself a work of Divine artistry, like their lives, but one that is more perfect and better designed. When the seed of a fruit dies in the soil, it seems to decompose and rot away. But in reality, it undergoes a perfect chemical process, passing through predetermined stages of re-formation, and ultimately grows again into an elaborate, new tree. So a seed’s death is really the beginning of a new tree, a new, and more perfect and elaborate life. Since the dying of plants is so perfect and serves so great a purpose, our deaths, given that we are the highest form of life, must be more perfect and serve a still greater purpose. Once we have gone underground, we certainly will be brought into eternal life. Those who believe and live righteous lives will be greeted with opened windows from the places reserved for them in Paradise.
Nothing, then, comes by blind coincidence or without purpose. Thus, man should always be on the alert, considering every thought and every action. He should not be oblivious to anything. God is certainly Almighty, but He is at the same time Much-Forgiving. When a person’s heart is alert, aware that this life is a test, and tries to keep on the right track, he is reassured of God’s forgiveness and grace. This gives man all the rest and comfort he needs.
The truth Islam establishes in people’s hearts does not depict God as chasing humans to afflict or punish them. He only wants them to be aware of the purpose behind their existence and of their true nature. He wants them to rise to the level worthy of His honour when He blew of His own spirit into them, elevating them above many of His other creations.[] (Source:

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